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By boosting the scalar & quantum properties of DNA, the RESET of Invertone Quantum Sound Sequence:
Stimulates the sustainable recovery of physical and emotional well-being,
Instantly stimulates the improvement of SPORTS PERFORMANCES.



Invertone Wellness & Sport Reset is based on the transfer of archetypal or anti-material information from the quantum molecules of DNA to their corresponding material molecules, which has the effect of restoring physical DNA to 100% of its capabilities, thanks to the Invertone resonance vibration.


Invertone  Wellness & Sport RESET  in 3 mn

Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes



   Stimulates electromagnetic DNA

  Optimizes innate talents

    Deactivate toxic emotions

Stabilizes moods and stress

Strengthens the immune system

   Centers behaviour

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Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes



  Stimulates the electromagnetic DNA

   High psycho-emotional performance

Stabilizes moods and stress

   Natural performance without dependencies

Optimal strength & Resistance

     Very fast recovery

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The sound and quantum principle of Invertone

The sound and quantum principle of Invertone was developed by René Pierre Guéraçague, French sound engineer. This invention allows the frequency translation of a proper name, a common name or a set of words. This allows a word to reach the electromagnetic space of molecules, including human DNA one, and to optimize its vital functions.
The principle of Invertone is to capture and exchange information between matter and antimatter of molecules of the human, animal, plant or mineral, through the mediation of sound frequencies and their harmonics, and into the quantum domain, without limitation of time and distance.
More than thirty years of experimentation and epidemiological investigations reveal that the "electromagnetic" part of DNA, 98% of the genome, reacts systematically to the name of the human being, the animal or the plant: "In the beginning was the verb, and the verb became flesh".

In the 1990s, the experiments of the microbiologist Piotr Garjajev and the quantum physicist Vladimir Poponin (Academies of Sciences of Moscow and New York) revealed the non-genetic part of the DNA molecule called "Phantom DNA". This vibratory field is in fact a hyper-frequency information field which integrates and acts directly on the whole of the DNA molecule. It represents approximately 90% of its functionalities.

This discovery confirms the results of the research line of the French engineer René Pierre Guéraçague, whose investigations allowed to create applications in different domains in order to improve the quality of the nano-scalar information of the atomic and subatomic field of the molecules ( electrons, protons, neutrons).  This technological advance optimizes the communication between matter and antimatter, according to the concept of hyper-communication already advanced by A. Einstein in the thirties.

About the tremendous vibratory impact of words and names

Told by its inventor René Guéraçague, French sound engineer, this video reveals the sound principle of Invertone, frequency translation of a proper name, a common name or a set of words. It represents the modus operandi of the Sonoquantic of electromagnetic DNA. Starting from the surnames and first names of a person, his algorithmic process allows to transcribe the letters that make up any name, in mathematical value, then sound. Thus, the harmonics naturally generated by the sounds develop their quantum characteristics and instantly reach the hyperfrequency field of the DNA of a determined person, without limitation of place and distance.