Physical and psycho-emotional efficacy without restriction

The benefits of SPORT Invertone ELITE  sound and quantum product are Level 2, deeper, more powerful and more complete than the first level of the Access offering to meet the specific requirements of high performance athletes.

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    In the physiological field, SPORT Invertone ELITE level 2 optimizes and supplements the work of medical, physiotherapeutic and training services necessarily required (doctors, trainers, physiotherapists, masseurs, rehabilitation practitioners, etc.). Here is the summary of its benefits:
      Increases strength almost instantaneously,
      Stimulates the reflex explosion of muscular strength when needed,
      Increases and maintains muscle resistance during extreme exertion,
      Maximizes elasticity and muscular flexibility,
      Stimulates ventilatory and cellular respiratory exchange,
      Increases the speed of cardiovascular and muscular recovery,
      Delays the arrival of the feeling of fatigue,
      Improves preventive reflexes in controlling the risk of injury,
      Promotes the deactivation of musculoskeletal pain.
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      In the psycho-emotional field, SPORT Invertone ELITE optimizes the ever-changing and evolving activity of the high-level athlete, who is particularly subject to external stimuli from the world of competition.
      SPORT Invertone ELITE also offers outstanding personalized online monitoring, in addition to the services provided by psychologists who are often trained in this new technology. Here is the summary:

        Helps prevent injuries through the absence of "negative" stress,
        Facilitates the control of psycho-emotional reactivity,
        Instantly deactivates stress due to toxic stimuli,
        Improves mental clarity and overall vision,
        Improves control of negative impulses,
        Improves considerably the ball speed reading,
        Potentiates concentration during the effort, on the here and now,
        Improves the quality of anticipation on current events,
        Optimize and expedite the arrival of useful decisions,
        Stimulates the activity of the neurotransmitters, which allows the instantaneous activation of conscious and unconscious thoughts and intuitions at the moment of action.

      Physiological benefits

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      Better neuromuscular explosiveness

        More strength, in less time. Greater excitement of white fibers.

        Significant increase in strength in the shortest possible time and without loss of efficiency, thanks to the recruitment of a greater number of type II muscle fibers (white fibers).

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      Muscle strength increase

        Provides greater stability of motor neurons. From 10% to 20% extra performance in weightlifting.

        Improves the excitability of motoneurons responsible for a greater number of muscle fibers.

      This results in almost immediate results, with an improvement of 10% to 20% of the available force.

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      Prolonged muscle and cardio-muscular resistance

        More capacity for muscle contraction.

        Greater energy contribution.

        Improves muscle contraction capacity for longer periods.

        In continuous and prolonged exercises, there is a greater energetic contribution to the body from the lungs, heart and blood vessels.
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      Better and faster muscle and cardiovascular recovery

        Post-effort recovery faster and faster after long sustained effort,

        Shortens the rest time after exercise, both in training and in competition.

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      Better ventilatory and cellular breathing, amplitude & body coordination

      Maintain and optimize cognitive, emotional, behavioral and decision-making processes, even in times of extreme fatigue.
      Maximizes the athlete's physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and decisional performance.

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      Reduction of extreme fatigue 

      Maintains and optimizes cognitive, emotional, behavioral and decision-making processes, even in moments of extreme fatigue..

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      Anticipation, amplitude & body coordination

        Swifter movements with better postural balance in competition,

        Better regulation of reflexes,

        Increases the body's functional ability to maintain stability in all limiting and destabilizing situations (its action develops in otoliths of the inner ear that regulate reflexes and postural balance).  

      Very fast decision making,

      A broader vision of possibilities

        Promotes a better and faster decisional response that allows the athlete to act on a spatiotemporal scale by having a greater range of possibilities. 
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      Reduction of musculoskeletal pain

      Decrease of 50% to 100% musculoskeletal pain. Most of these pains come from moments of stress experienced in ordinary life. As a result, Sport Invertone Elite's action focuses on the psycho-emotional part, by turning off the triggering and aggravating stimuli that crystallized in different parts of the body in the form of "pain", called musculoskeletal pain.

        The pain usually decreases from 50% to 100%, depending on the time and place of the pain:

      • Cervical, lumbar, dorsal, knee and shoulders pain. 

      • Muscular, joint, tendinous pains.

      • Neuralgia pain, headache, digestive pain, menstrual pain, pain due to contractures, sprains, dislocations and others.

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      Prevention and recovery of lesions

      The risk of injury decreases from 50% to 100%. Sport Invertone Elite promotes increased brain consistency, speed of information processing and the ability to reason correctly in "limited" situations caused by stress. 

      Stressful changes can have false psycho-emotional and behavioral consequences, leading to the risk of accidental injury.

      Psycho-emotional benefits

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      Deactivation of toxic stress

      Promotes increased brain consistency, speed of information processing, and the ability to reason correctly in extreme circumstances because stressful stimuli can have false psycho-emotional and behavioral consequences.

      Promotes positive stress and avoids inversion due to burnout.

        Improves the management of internal and external parasitic disorders.

        Contributes to the psychological balance to signal an adjustment, an adaptation or a mechanical defense and thus to avoid the physical manifestations of psychic, cognitive or emotional conflicts.

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      Limitation of physiological consequences of disruptive STRESS

        Limits excessive muscle tension that prevents proper coordination. In this way, the risk of injury decreases. 

      Avoids the accumulation of toxins (lactic acid, oxalates, uric acid ...) during physical exercise by revitalizing the body fluids (lymph and blood).  

      Promotes physiological self-protection against any discomfort or external disturbance.

        In particular, it increases the elasticity of the contractile cells constituting the muscular mass.  

        Increases joint mobility in all its aspects, because it develops the contractile capacity and the elongation of the muscular group. 

        Reduces the risk of traumatic fiber rupture during major efforts.

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      Deactivation of the psycho-emotional stimuli

      Disables emotional reactivity to negative stimuli, including toxic thoughts,

        Allows greater self-control and clarity of thought to cope with complicated situations more effectively.

        Disables emotional reactivity to negative situations, increases mental balance and psycho-emotional performance. This has a decisive function in every moment of the sporting life that affects concentration, discernment, perception, communication, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and trust.

        Focus the athlete's attention on the here and now. This concentration allows you to make decisions with greater efficiency and clarity and excludes the toxic thoughts and sensations of your field of consciousness.

        Improves the management of internal and external noise events.

        Increases psychological adaptation for coordination, adaptation or optimal mechanical defense and thus avoids the appearance of physical manifestations of psychic, cognitive or emotional conflicts.

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      Limitation of physiological consequences of psycho-emotional STIMULI

      Limits excess muscle tension and thus allows good coordination and thus reduces the risk of injury,

        Prevents the accumulation of toxins (lactic acid, oxalates, uric acid ...) during physical exertion, by revitalizing the body fluids (lymph and blood),

        Promotes physiological self-protection against any discomfort or external disturbance,

      Increases the elasticity of the contractile cells that make up the muscle mass

      Increases joint mobility in its highest ranges by developing contractile capacity and lengthening the overall musculature,

      Reduces the risk of fiber breakage during very heavy efforts.

      The leading role of the main neurotransmitters in psycho-emotional activity

      The effect of the Sport Invertone Elite system plays a vital role in maintaining the optimal functioning of neurotransmitters. In elite sport, it is essential to maintain a high level of motivation and commitment to competition:
        Constancy in the desire to excel,

       Mental strength at all times,

       Constant strategic intelligence.

      These effects are produced by the excellent functioning of neurotransmitters, the main ones being dopamine, acetylcholine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and serotonin.
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      It is produced in the parietal lobes. It is related to alpha waves (8 to 12 cycles / second), creativity, originality, enthusiasm and, as a result, thinking functions related to language comprehension and the ability to concentration. The speed of propagation of electrical current in the brain is determined by the measurement of acetylcholine. The speed is 60 cycles per second and one thought propagates two or three cycles per second. The speed at which electromagnetic signals are transmitted and processed determines the biological health and age of the brain. If treatment is fast, brain activity accelerates, improves memory, concentration, and increases IQ.

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      Dopamine is present in the frontal lobes. It is associated with beta waves (12 to 16 cycles / second) and acts on the physical and mental energy, resulting in dynamism, rapid reaction, vigilance and intellectual acuity. The electrical tension of the brain is associated with dopamine. This gives a measure of the intensity with which the brain responds to a stimulus, affecting the brain's ability to process cognitive or physical information. Determines metabolism and states of consciousness (sleep or wakefulness).

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      GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is present in the temporal lobes (natural anxiolytic). It is associated with theta waves (4 to 8 cycles / second) and has a stabilizing and calming effect. The electromagnetic rhythm of the brain is associated with GABA emitters. When this rhythm is regular and fluid, the stress of everyday life is easily managed. If the rhythm is irregular or uneven, the first signs of brain dysfunction, such as anxiety, nervousness and irritability, appear.

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      Serotonin is produced in the occipital lobes. It is associated with delta waves (1 to 4 cycles / second), which act on the capacity of recovery and regeneration, thus on the joy of living.