Clinique Sequence

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Can I avoid pre-operative anxieties?

Yes, trust and calm will replace your anxieties, your possible fear of dying or not waking up after the operation. The deactivation of acute stress stabilizes your biological parameters which favor optimal operating conditions.

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Can I avoid severe post-operative pain?

Yes, your post-operative pain at 24 hours, when they appear due to the lack of anesthetic effect, will decrease significantly. Epidemiological surveys show an 80% pain reduction thanks to the use of Quantum Sound Sequence. The hospital recovery stay will also decrease by about 15%.

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Can I disable the stress of periods of clinical exams?

Yes, the deactivation of the stress due to the anxiety of the diagnosis, to the discomfort of certain examinations or to the waiting of the laboratory results, is stabilized as soon as the Sound sequence on your Smartphone is activated. It accompanies all these clinical procedures and makes the hospital stay a lot bearable.

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                        CLINIQUE Sequence for Hospital Stays, Surgeries & Emergencies

                        The CLINIQUE quantum sound sequence of Hospital Stays and Interventions is especially dedicated to people who have to undergo a surgical procedure, to face a strong stress during an emergency admission or during a hospital stay to carry out examinations.

                        It can be acquired from a Consultant who will integrate the data without risk of error or online by your own care.

                        This sequence is valid for 7 days and represents an investment of 47 USD / €, whether you buy it through a Consultant or Online.

                         EMERGENCIES: The Quantum Sound Sequence also intervenes during the processes of high stress of admission to the hospital emergency and childbirth.

                        The reduction of patient stress and panic facilitates the vital diagnosis made by hospital emergency physicians affecting the choice of treatment priorities that sometimes play a very important role.

                        In the case of admission of young children who can not express their problem by speech, the Sonoquantique can reduce stress and pain to relieve the child and facilitate a more appropriate diagnosis.

                        Thanks to the CLINIQUE Sequence, a large number of cases of emergency admissions can be quickly solved, because admissions are often motivated by psycho-emotional causes.

                        SURGERY: Preoperative stress reduction applicable 2 days before the operation, better metabolic and inflammatory trans-operative stability, loss of acute postoperative pain, faster recovery.

                        Deactivation-reduction of the pre-operative "fear of dying". Helps the patient to feel good emotionally and allows practitioners to better control operational risks.

                        Transoperative stabilization of the inflammatory system during the operation, heart rate and blood pressure.

                        Drastic reduction of pain and postoperative stress where the acute pain syndrome decreases on average by 80% according to epidemiological surveys.

                        Decrease in hospital recovery time by about 15% to 20%, according to surveys.

                        HOSPITAL STAY: Discontinuation of the stress and maintenance of the calm during the clinical examinations during the hospital stays with regular daily listening of the CLINIQUE sequence.