The psycho-emotional Profile is


The study of the personalized profile defines among the 49 psycho-emotional characteristics patterns or pairs of notes that correspond to the names and first names of each individual. The psycho-emotional profile of Quantum Sound Sequence reveals the behavioral system of the human being emotionally, instinctively and mentally, in a single face to face session or online, where the Beneficiary recognizes its own characteristics through the clear and precise description that makes him the Consultant.
The Profile is done in one session. It gives the key-information that represents the SOURCE of what can be subsequently verbalized, commented on or developed.


on line or face-to-face with your Consultant
1. Identification of Physical Crystallization Zones of Emotions:

 In a few minutes, your Consultant verifies that you have had some problems with certain organs, in direct relation with certain specific emotions, which you will also easily recognize.

2. Identification of TOXIC EMOTIONS at the origin of Physical Crystallizations: 

This assessment is surprisingly realistic, accurate and easy to corroborate as it belongs to your own emotional story. The link between emotions and organic zones is orchestrated by electromagnetic DNA. When the talents are only partly experienced, it is because external events or stimuli disrupt the psycho-emotional functioning. They have serious consequences for psycho-neuro-endocrine reactivity. In case of repetitiveness, transient or severe physiological manifestations may occur. The Profile helps to become aware of psycho-emotional reactivity.

3. Identification of INNATE TALENTS for better control of Toxic Emotions:

The knowledge and confirmation of the strong points makes it possible to avoid doubts, to have a better perception of the surrounding world, to express oneself better, to control one's emotional and sensibility, to have a better creativity and self-esteem, as well as greater self-confidence. 

  This evaluation lasts just under an hour,

   It's done once for lifetime,

   A report will be sent to you immediately via Email. It will serve as a reference for your future evolution,

   The Invertone Profile can be lived independently of the acquisition of Invertone sequences.