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Athlete's psycho-emotional PREVENTION SYSTEM is personalized

In the realization of the psycho-emotional profile, an athlete differs in relations with others only by the intense activity he develops in the sports field, which occupies most of his life. This is why the study of the personalized profile of the Athlete is centered in this area.
The profile is defined by several of the 49 psycho-emotional characteristics that are symbolized by pairs of notes corresponding to the genealogy of each individual. Indeed, the sounds of the consonants and vowels that make up the frequency signature of an individual have a major impact in their behavioral system on the emotional, instinctive and mental levels.
These aspects are defined in a single face-to-face session or online, where the Beneficiary recognizes his own characteristics through the clear and precise description given to him by the Consultant.

The psycho-emotional Prevention System reveals and confirms the key-information that represents the SOURCE of what may later be verbalized, commented on or developed.

To request a Consultation with the Personalized Psycho-Emotional Prevention System:

Become even more aware of your INNATE TALENTS:

The knowledge and confirmation of the strong points makes it possible to avoid doubts, to have a better perception of the surrounding world, to express oneself better, to control one's emotional and sensibility, to have a better creativity and self-esteem, as well as greater self-confidence.

For the high performance athlete, a perfect knowledge of this or that strong point allows him to make strategic decisions that he can fully ensure successfully, with less risk of error.

Evaluate with precision the TOXIC EMOTIONS that make you react: 

When the talents are only partially experienced, it is because external events or stimuli disturb the psycho-emotional functioning. They have serious consequences for psycho-neuro-endocrine reactivity. In case of repetitiveness, transient or severe physiological manifestations may occur. The Profile helps to become aware of psycho-emotional responsiveness.

In the field of sports competition, victories and defeats succeed one another. The variability in the assessments of people in the immediate circle, the public, the media and social networks has considerable consequences for psycho-emotional performance. With the Sport∞Invertone custom sound, this pressure is reduced considerably to be replaced by a feeling of almost unalterable calm, which keeps the performance at a high level.

Evaluate accurately your INSTINCTIVE Survival REACTIONS

 The Profile helps to pinpoint uncontrollable behavior in extreme situations. To know them well allows to relativize these to avoid that they reproduce.

For the high-level athlete, incoherent instinctive reactions can manifest themselves as in moments of extreme fatigue, severe pain or persistent doubts. Behavioral risk becomes high and can dramatically alter the image of the athlete to the public and the media. Sport∞Invertone avoids this kind of extreme situations.

Evaluate accurately your MENTAL REACTIONS:

When an emotional event occurs, the mental judgment will be radically different from the nature of the emotion experienced. This makes it possible to differentiate between the emotional observation that is immediate and the mental opinion that is slow, incomplete and subjective because it must first collect the data-memory of his more or less limited knowledge to extract an opinion..

When the high-level athlete goes into profile evaluation, he quickly understands that repetitive judgments and mental judgments do not solve the problems caused by strong psycho-emotional reactivity to the toxic and disruptive stimuli perceived by the senses.

Sport∞Invertone will allow to "unplug" the excess of information that is presented in the mind, thus allowing to find the necessary calm to obtain the expected successes.